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Training Program

Training Department of Thai Aerospace Industries (TAI) provides training courses on executive leadership in aviation, aviation safety, aviation security, quality, and risk management, air transport agreements, corporate development, strategic planning, and organizational development. Drawing on our expertise in aviation regulation, safety oversight, and compliance monitoring, we are guiding, and advising aviation professionals & organizations to build competent professional, effective processes and reliable systems to meet the complexities challenges of the future in aviation. 

TAI has embarked on the strategy to develop human resources to ensure availability of qualified and competent professionals.   

We are an Approved Training Organization recognized by  ICAO (TrainAir Plus) and IATA (Authorized Training Center) and operate  

in cooperation of strategic partners with EASA Part-147 ATO Approval Training and Examination (Dviation HR.147.002) providing a wide range of training and professional course, our goal of becoming a premier academy for the advancement of the aviation industry training is already within our group. These future initiatives will underpin our state-of-the-art, quality proposition to the aviation marketplace and enable us to win additional customers in our core markets, so the sky really is the limit for TAI.


Airport Operation


Aviation Security


Aircraft Maintenance

Managing an airport is a challenging task, and those who work within the sphere of airport operations face numerous challenging situations in the course of their day-to-day tasks.

Here at TAI, we have developed an extensive range of courses designed to meet the needs of those entering the airport operations industry and professionals who are already working within the field and who are seeking professional development opportunities to further their career.

We are dedicated to educating and training skilled aviation security professionals who are capable of building secure and safe global air transportation systems.

Our programs are focused on helping those entering the sector as well as existing professionals to develop and hone all the essential skills and requirements that enable them to implement enhanced regulations and to promote best management practices within the industry.

We are dedicated to creating and educating EASA Part-66 standards and provide a wide range of highly skilled professional aircraft maintenance.

Our academy cooperation with EASA Part-147 ATO to allow our students to acquire the basic course knowledge and experience required to apply for Aircraft Maintenance License (AML). 

We have designed several outstanding training Special Courses and Type Rating to meet the needs of the most talented new recruits and existing professionals within the industry who need to further their skills.


Cabin Crew


Ground Operation



we’re dedicated to offering outstanding training in all aspects of the aviation industry, and our cabin crew programmes are leading the way thanks to the comprehensive approach that we take to training.

The cabin crew training courses we offer include:

  • Initial training

  • Conversion training

  • Recurrent training

  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)

  • FA (First Aid)

  • DG (Dangerous Goods Training)

  • Cabin crew service delivery training

  • Disruptive passenger training

  • Aviation security 

  • Cabin crew aviation English

  • Human factors

  • Senior cabin crew training

Ground operations is a key aspect of any airport’s success, and with outstanding training courses provided by our professional TAI team, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from the very best grounding in both the theory and practice of this industry. Our programmes have been developed in close collaboration with leading organisations and airlines to address specific requirements and to provide a broad spectrum of study that fully equips personnel working in this sector to handling challenging situations and to enhance their existing skills.

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Accreditations / Approvals / Certifications


Private Pilot License.

The first step in your aviation journey is to get your private pilot certificate. There are three main tests that you need to pass to get your pilot license: the medical exam, written test, and the flight test (checkride).

We believe that the key to your success lies in our commitment to providing the highest quality flight training available, with a focus on safety, professionalism, and personalized attention.

It is a great honor for Thai Aerospace Industries to receive this special International Aviation Bluesky Arawd 2022   


Bluesky Award

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