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Company Profile

Thai Aerospace Industries is the first vertically integrated, fully transparent 

full-service aviation management company in the industry. At a national scale, Thai Aerospace Industries conducts part-135 charter, part-91 management, FBO management, Part-66/147, international brokerage, Part-145 repair stations, and part 61&141 flight training with collediate and provarely financed programs.    


International & Domestic Partnership

Work with US Gov’t, FMS program, NATO and directly with Foreign Gov’ts, every year we successfully complete domestic & international orders, providing OEMs' access to international markets by:

• Utilizing established relationships with international clients

• Generating new opportunities and staying informed of end users' requirements

• Expertise in a variety of complex international terms and conditions

• Bridging OEM and end users' terms and conditions

• Handling the administration of export requirements

• Strict export compliance system

• Reducing administrative burden

Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified, knowledgeable, and results-oriented professionals. We create tangible value for each aviation vertical we manage - it's what makes us a genuine full-service provider. It's what allows us to provide value to our clients beyond cutting costs and streamlining operations.

• MRO: Aircrafs and Helicopters

• Fixed Base operation service

• Aviation Training and Personal Resourcing


• Aircraft Leasing and Trading

• Aviation Consulting Services

• CAMO, and Line maintenance, and Technical Assistant

• Business Aviation and VIP airline

• Defense: Missile System, and Homeland Sceurity

• Aviation Security Solution service


For more information about Thai Aerospace Industries, please email 

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