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Company Profile

Thai Aerospace Industries (TAI) is an aerospace and aviation service headquartered in Thailand. The company was founded in 2013 and has since grown into a leading player in the industry, with a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries and operations in global.


TAI offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities to the aviation industry, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul), aviation training center, ground handling, aircraft management, aircraft leasing, and aviation professionals. The company works with clients in the commercial, military, and general aviation sectors to help them achieve compliance with industry-standard, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that help their client achieve their goals and improve their performance.

TAI Academy is a professional class ATO certified approvals and certifications from regulatory authorities globally, including ICAO, EASA, and IATA experts in a comprehensive fully training program in safety, security, aircraft type rating, Part-66, aviation management, proving solutions for a wide area of aviation training course.

Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified, knowledgeable, and results-oriented professionals. We create tangible value for each aviation vertical we manage - it's what makes us a genuine full-service provider. It's what allows us to provide value to our clients beyond cutting costs and streamlining operations.

• MRO: Aircraft Maintenance, CAMO and Technical Service

• Aviation Training and Personal Resourcing

• Aircraft Leasing (Dry/Wet-ACMI)  and Financing 

• Aviation Consulting Services

• Business Aviation and VIP airline

• Defense: Missile System, and Homeland Security

• Aviation Security Solution service

• Aircraft Fleet Management


For more information about Thai Aerospace Industries, please email 

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