Company Profile

Thai Aerospace Industries provide customised technical solution, MRO Services, Parts distribution, supply chain management and consultancy services for our military abd commercial customers, minimising their investment in assets and maximising their operational readiness. Tpgether we work to exceed customer's expectation.   


International & Domestic Partnership

Work with US Gov’t, FMS program, NATO and directly with Foreign Gov’ts, every year we successfully complete domestic & international orders, providing OEMs' access to international markets by:

• Utilizing established relationships with international clients

• Generating new opportunities and staying informed of end users' requirements

• Expertise in a variety of complex international terms and conditions

• Bridging OEM and end users' terms and conditions

• Handling the administration of export requirements

• Strict export compliance system

• Reducing administrative burden

Our goal is to capacitate professionals to contribute to safe, secure and sustainable aviation industry.

Pioneers in Aviation Regulatory Training. We hold a EASA Type Part-147 (HR.147.002) type training and basic courses approval which enable us to provide a high standard of training for our own engineer, other MROs and customer airlines around the world as well as university.

We have been Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization was an associated body of the FAA Part-141 Training and Part-61 Flight school with Ocala Aviation Service in Florida, USA.


Currently, we are concluded a agreement and MoU for the launch of an degree and non-degree in Aviation Programme today. This landmark MOU outlines TAI' collaboration with an international established institute to develop premier aviation training and to offer the curriculum in Aircraft Engineering and Pilot program for such a need. Students who enroll in this program will greatly benefit from the rich academic strength of the program being offered by both institutions, this program special cooperative with Global Aviation Alliance. The collaboration is a clear reflection of TAI and University shared interest in promoting high-quality learning and developing human capital in civil aviation.

Thai Aerospace Industries is a family member of AeroSync and Standard Aero Group, the largest aerospace business group from United State of America with more than 45 locations and production station providing aviation services and solutions worldwide.

• MRO: Aircrafs and Helicopters

• Fixed Base operation service

• Aviation Training and Personal Resourcing


• Aircraft Leasing and Trading

• Aviation Consulting Services

• CAMO, and Line maintenance, and Technical Assistant

• Business Aviation and VIP airline

• Defense: Missile System, and Homeland Sceurity

• Aviation Security Solution service


For more information about Thai Aerospace Industries, please email info@tai.aero 

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