Who we are in aerospace industries...

Founded in 2013 and owned by The ASIA AEROSPACE Group, Thai Aerospace Industries has rapidly growth become an industries leader in the field of the world aerospace's independent and defense provide comprehensive services aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul, supply chain 

management/ leasing aircraft, component, spare pooling/ aviation service training of pilot, aircraft maintenance/ CAMO, FBO  and technical services. Our company's success is the outgrowth of the synergistic merger of business with complementary specialties that have exponential increased our capabilities and generated unprecedented customer commitment and value. Our group member TAI Corporation, TAI Global Technology Pte., Civil Aviation Technical Training, TAI Airline, and Asia Airport and Aviation Service together, these companies make up one of the most comprehensive team in the world specializing in aerospace and aviation industry. Each company brings a unique set of capabilities to offer our client and partnership the solution they need. The companies are brought together with a common goal and philosophy: to keep you in the aerospace.


Thai Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. (“TAI”) offer extensive aerospace and defense need of Thailand and particularly in the General Aviation market in the Regional. We saw that there was a need for world-class aviation maintenance, technical and maintenance service provider, aircraft records keeping as well as a spare parts and materials provider to the whole of aviation operations within Thailand and the ASEN member nation and our region.


Quality and Air Worthiness Standard Thai Aerospace Industries private Limited is owner name for it stringent and quality premium standard - both products as well as service. Along with through knowledge of the quality standard as per the rules an d regulations of Directorate of Civil Aviation and Military, TAI also keep a tab on the highest quality criteria of the best in the international market. While TAI surpasses the quality standard as per the FAA and EASA as well as local aviation regulatory, It strives tirelessly to complete with the international best in quality of product and service - so that it can deliver the absolute best to it esteemed clients, each and every time.

TAI, as we identify additional requirements or applications of technology within the regional aviation community we will endeavor to provide those in a timely manner and to a high standard. To strive to remain a leader in the Aviation industry within our region and beyond. TAI are driving forward the technologies of tomorrow.



TAI acts as a strategic technology partner to a large number of original equipment manufacturers, security organizations and land forces. The Defencedivision is a leader in maintaining and upgrading heavy weapon systems and also maintains communications systems and both virtual and live simulators. The Ammotec division is a market leader in small-calibre ammunition, pyrotechnic elements, and components for the Hunting & Sports and Defence & Law Enforcement business areas as well as the construction industry.



The Aviation division is the centre of excellence for civil and military aircraft maintenance, for upgrade programmes and for developing, manufacturing and integrating aviation systems and subsystems. The Aerostructures division specializes in the development, manufacturing and final assembly of complete fuselage sections for passenger aircraft, wing and control surface components as well as sophisticated component assemblies and parts for civil and military aircraft.



The Space division is a leading supplier of products for the institutional and commercial space markets in SEA and the MEA. Outside these two core markets, special-purpose TAI products also contribute to the success of almost all major space projects. With over 10 years' experience in the development of cutting-edge space technologies, TAI is a byword for 100% mission success.


Our values

Clear values and principles set the tone for how we think and what we do in our everyday business – within the company as in our interactions with customers, business partners, suppliers, society, political figures and, not least, our shareholder.


We provide tailored services with and for our customers, and we believe in the strength of reliable cooperation.


High performance
Excellence shapes our thoughts and actions. We aspire to create top-class, high-performance solutions.


Visionary thinking
Our pursuit of continuous improvement drives us to develop products and services for tomorrow's world.

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